Welcome to your Seaside motel. The Royale Motel’s spacious motel rooms provide plenty of room so you can relax and be comfortable. Your Seaside motel is located west of Highway 101 on the banks of the Necanicum River. You will be a block from Broadway and a short walk from the beach and the promenade. Royale Motel is centrally located, making it a very convenient place to stay in Seaside, Oregon.

Seaside has been the Northwest's most popular ocean resort for over a century. It continues to be a favorite vacation spot for families and couples visiting from Portland, Seattle, British Columbia, and other areas around the world. Its spectacular ocean views, fun year-round events, great shopping, fantastic dining, and unforgettable memories keep guests returning year after year. Visit the attractions page to see all the activities visitors of your Seaside motel love.

After a day of making sand castles, flying kites, playing beach volleyball, and braving a dip in the frigid Pacific Ocean, sit back and watch the sun set while roasting your favorite treat over an open fire. Afterward, take a relaxing stroll back to your motel in Seaside where you will fall fast asleep in a clean, comfortable bed. If you have questions feel free to contact the Royale Motel. Check out our available rooms and rates and book online today.